Monday, August 11, 2008

What has been and whats soon to come for me... i hope...

From wearing my sisters clothing occasionally as a kid and teenager. To dressing alone in my bedroom. To dressing with my ex-girlfriend in the bedroom wishing to get past those doors one day, thinking it would never really happen, then to abandoning Candice after breaking up with my ex thinking i would never find some one who would even kinda except me. then to finding Chelsea and building up to finally stepping out of the house and then to the local clubs and surrounding restaurants. this is where my dilemma lies... the next step. i want to start spending complete days or multiple day straight as Candice from waking up and getting ready for the day to paying bills and running errands maybe even one day going to work... i guess just wanting to be me

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Anonymous said...

Candice, we dont have many opportunities in life to be happy. Just do it hon.