Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last nite

Last night me and Chelsea had a nice time just relaxing and watching TV and Taking Pics of me in my New dress. and when heather got off work another one of our friends we decided it would be fun to go to "hipstick" lol i mean lipstick for some drinks and maybe some dancing. other then that this coming friday a friend is coming in from Canada and we are all going to go out for a nice night out Downtown, hopfully ending with a boca burger at Hot Rods. my friend form Canada Knows about Candice just hasnt seen her in person. i always feel a little weird talking about myself as candice in the third perosn because i feel she is me... i just wanted to add that last little thing... if you want to see more pics they are posted on my myspace

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Just Chelsea said...

friday will be nothing short of amazing. it will complete it all... viasly is the last one of the group to hang with you... so it will be nice to have everyone included finally. :) yay for fun times!