Thursday, October 15, 2015

Amazing trans people/activist in the public eye you should know about

If what you know about the trans community is only what you see on tv there is a lot more to know and here are a couple people you can start following on Twitter or other social media to learn more about the community

 first Is Bailey Jay especially her podcast the bailey jay show
The second being Janet Mock 
The third being the amazing Laura Jane Grace
The forth being Jen Richards 
And the fifth being Buck Angel

New camera new photos

Not much to right about just felt pretty and Chelsea took some great pictures I hope you enjoy them. 

Feeling pretty take a picture

So had an urge to take a picture yesterday morning with out a fancy outfit or even make up. It was a challenge to see if I could feel sexy and comfortable in my own skin. So I grab my phone opened my curtains for lighting and took a couple pics. I surprised myself and felt beautiful sexy and like myself. Anyways remember that you have value and are allowed to be sexy and take a picture so you can remember that feeling in that moment. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Against me - 23 live sex acts

Seriously the best live album of the year honestly just listen to it any way you can words don't do it justice  

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Being trans and Disneyland

I can tell you that I haven't had a better experience then the one I had at Disneyland. I was a little worried that something would happen and it might tarnish my opinion of Disneyland but yayyyyy it didn't. Never had any instance of a worker or patron drawing unneeded attention to me even when showing my id. So in conclusion no issues from instance to eating and drinking to enjoying a parade. My faith in Disney and even people has changed a little for the better. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pool day more then just a bikini

So this last Thursday I did something that is hard for most trans women I bought a bikini and was motivated to feel pretty in it and my own skin. I have a wife who is super supportive and her family although sometimes lacking in understanding is very supportive of my exploration of gender and transition. This being said we thought it would be a good thing to spend a day relaxing at the pool being that our life has been a higher level of continuous anxiety then ever before.

We woke up and got dolled up and and got dressed for a day at the pool. And it felt amazing not putting on the same old board shorts that I had grown so accustomed to. Instead a cute bikini with a bright pink top and cute skirted bottoms and a nice cover dress for when we were out and about. 

I have been lucky enough to feel girly and pretty in most outfits I choose to wear but one thing that's hard for all women is feeling pretty in skin that you spend most of the time covering up. For me my stomach and back are areas I find hard to except about myself. But in that moment we're I finally took off my dress and said to myself that this is me and I have to be ok with it before I can expect others to was a beautiful moment. 

Long story short we spent the day sun bathing and swimming and talking and Chelsea's mom and dad even joined us and in that moment I truly felt excepted because I allowed myself to be vulnerable  and I wasn't disappointed. 

Btw. This was my first time wearing a bikini in public and I feel confident enough to do it more often 

Life and why I have been gone

After trying to get pregnant for a while me and my wife are finally only a week away from giving birth to Our baby Charlie. This is the most amazing feeling and beautiful moment in our life, we are both nervous and anxious and also excited for what the future holds for us.  Not only do we have our baby Charlie on the way but we also bought a beautiful Victorian house that was built a 130 years ago which we have slowly been fixing up and making it into out dream home for our soon to be family of three.  Needless to say I have been extremely busy. 

With being busy it's easy to loose track of ones self about what makes you whole and complete and truly I am doing pretty good, with a job that fits my life style a wife who gets and understands me and is my best friend that I want to share everything with. And of course Charlie. 

But lately I have been sacrificing my progression through my transition for balancing all the many other aspects to my life this is no one persons fault except my own I chose to stop going to therapy and seeing the doctor about hrt (hormone replacement therapy) I weighed my decision out and although in a huge way it's self deprecating I know that my plan in the relative short term is to fully transition and I have to be ok with my transition and everybody's transition looks different. That mine may take longer then the next trans person. I am blessed to have so many people around me who support my decision to transition and my openess of gender fluidity in my life within this past 8 years. 

Life is short live it to its fullest and own the decisions you make in the end you are the only one that controls your happiness 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

New house new baby and a new dress

Can't forget about yourself no matter how much is going on 

A long transition

It's as simple as that. I feel I have been in transition for the last 8 years. A longer process than most can understand but I feel I have gained so much positive influences over that stretch of time that will help and guide me through my life as a women. 
One of the major things I have gained from a longer transition is the value and respect I give my memories even while living as a male. Many trans women I know look upon there pre transition self with distain, anger and sometimes even hatred and with the length of time I spent living more gender fluidly has helped my mind understand my life of evolution. And allows me to look at my transition as growth and change similar to aging. 
Life is transition, the only thing different between you and me is our journey. :-)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My balance has been off

Life has taken some crazy turns as of late. All for the good my wife and I just bought our first house and we have a baby on the way. These are all amazing things but it did throw my transition out of balance its hard to make it a priority when life changes so much. I don't have a lot of time right now to write but just wanted to give an update. I will keep pushing thriugh and I hope I will find the time to be my true self always