Friday, September 26, 2008

Transgender girl found in american river in sacramento california

Transwoman found dead in American River

An unidentified transwoman was found dead in the American River on Sunday, September 21st, 2008, less than a mile from the Highway 160 Bridge.

Coroner officials have identified the person, whose last known address was in North Highlands, using fingerprints, but have not released the identity pending notification of next of kin.

Initial investigation indicates no foul play was involved, but authorities are awaiting autopsy results to determine a cause of death.

The Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center is sending out emails, warning people to be careful in the area.

The Sacramento transgender community is "tight knit," according to David Nylund, Ph.D, the director of clinical services for the Sacramento Gay and Lesbian Center.

"It's a larger community then people realize," explained Nylund, who said the center sees more than one new transgender client a week and has a "well-attended" weekly adult transgender support group of between 20-30 people.

Nylund had scheduled a case conference meeting with the center's five other therapists to review records to determine if any of the center's clients might match the physical description of the person found.

Lester Neblett, executive director of the community center, said that the Sacramento Police Department had been in contact with the center Monday.

"The Sacramento LGBT community is deeply concerned for this person, her friends, and family," said Neblett. "The most important thing that can happen now is to determine the cause of death."

"This is the age transgender people are most at risk for violence," stated Nylund, who also is an associate professor of social work at California State University, Sacramento. "These individuals are more likely to be mistaken for young women" and the discovery that they have male genitalia can lead to violent acts against them, he explained.

"There is no doubt we need to do more to reach out to young people and to let them know they are not alone in their coming out process," said Neblett. "It can be a lonely, frightening time. We simply need to let the schools, professionals, churches, and community leaders know the center is here to provide support."

isis was voted off

first off we have to give her and tyra a huge thank you for doing what they did for the community. and even though isis was voted off i genuinly feel that it was solely based off the fact that she was not up to being americas next top model. she is amazing and beautiful and so is tyra...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soooo they finally know... My Sisters yayyyyy.

Sooooo i told my sisters wow what a weight off my shoulders i feel even better now then i thought i was going to... at first i dont think they new how to take it but they have done a bunch of research and we have talked a lot and i think they finally understand the person i am. the main thing they were worried about was the posibility of loosing there brother and i had to reassure them that wasnt going to happen. i hope that soon we can all hang out. i love my sisters with ALL MY HEART Cassandra and Carrie you guys are my best friends thank you thank you thank you for letting me be me

Monday, September 22, 2008

The same place a brand new me

So me and my friends use to frequent a local club here in Sacramento, basically we were there every week. we stopped going and i had only been to that club before as my male self, yesterday we filt like it would be a good idea to go back since it had been so long... the only thing that is different this time around is that i am going as the girl i always wanted to be. i dont think anyone even knew i wasn't a genetic girl even when me and my friend phil were sitting at the bar an old frined of ours came up and didnt realize who i was until i finally told him and at that time he still didnt want to beleive me, but finally he did and told me how beautiful i am and that he was happy to see me happy... it was such a good night it was a night that reasurrued who i am

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

coming to a realization that sooner or later everyone will know

when something is a big part of who you are you stop wanting to hide it from people... i feel i have finally came to the conclusion that i really don't care who finds out i am transgendered actually i want people to know because this is who i am. the other night while i was at the mercantile having some drinks with some friends we thought how great it would be to come out to everyone at the same time so we are trying to get some type of show to do a special on us... that might be pretty extreme hopefully i can go through with it.