Wednesday, August 31, 2011

enjoying a nice day out

i woke up this morning and as i was laying in bed, thought to myself i think i want to spend the day in the new dress my wife got for me and all dolled up. ( i have been wanting to practice some new things with make up) so i did. i took a shower shaved my legs and as you guys probably know everything else that needs to be shaved :-). had a fun time putting on my make up which went pretty easy, that doesn't always happen. and put on my prettiest panties and bra set and slid my dress on. after putting on my heels i looked in the mirror and remembered y i enjoy being Candice so much. after i got ready for my day i decided to go and grab some lunch and a coffee and drive around and enjoy the sun. all in all it has been a great day off i even turned some heads.
if you wake up wanting to do something just do it yo may not have tomorrow.
and don't forget you were born this way
Here are some pics of my today