Thursday, October 15, 2015

Amazing trans people/activist in the public eye you should know about

If what you know about the trans community is only what you see on tv there is a lot more to know and here are a couple people you can start following on Twitter or other social media to learn more about the community

 first Is Bailey Jay especially her podcast the bailey jay show
The second being Janet Mock 
The third being the amazing Laura Jane Grace
The forth being Jen Richards 
And the fifth being Buck Angel

New camera new photos

Not much to right about just felt pretty and Chelsea took some great pictures I hope you enjoy them. 

Feeling pretty take a picture

So had an urge to take a picture yesterday morning with out a fancy outfit or even make up. It was a challenge to see if I could feel sexy and comfortable in my own skin. So I grab my phone opened my curtains for lighting and took a couple pics. I surprised myself and felt beautiful sexy and like myself. Anyways remember that you have value and are allowed to be sexy and take a picture so you can remember that feeling in that moment.