Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rainbow Festival

Like i posted in my last blog i went out on friday with all of my friends do to the fact that Sylvia our friend from Canada "aaaaa" was in town. the club was so packed and drinks were ridiculously expensive so we decided to get stamped from the club and walk over to a local bar down the street named the mercantile (the best drinks in sacramento L and 20th and is transgendered Friendly) that's what i call the best of both worlds. we all grabbed a Vodka Cran and Sylvia had a Rum and Coke and after we finished our drinks we walked back to the club to enjoy some music and dancing.

I always like when there is a big event going on at the club because it seems as if more girls come out that normally wouldn't. anywayz i over came a mile stone last night. one of our friends Ric was down the street at the Marrs Complex at a place called Azul for one of his friends 21st Birthday, and even though Sacramento downtown is pretty excepting of different life styles walking out of the safety zones for a transgendered girl is always a little nerve racking, at least i thought it would be... when they asked me if it was cool if we walked over there to say hi at first i was like i don't know... then i was like OK if i want to be this person then others have to except me. and it helped that Sylvia told me i looked beautiful. so we walked down the street and i must say i think i am pretty convincing as a women because i didn't get any strange looks even from the group of teenager skateboarders that were hangin out side of azul.

I don't think i can say this enough... Life is Good when you can be yourself around good people

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Chelsea!!! said...

yay!!!! i am so glad we walked down there.. and that you feel good about it. you are super convincing as a girl... i promise!! xoxoxoxo