Monday, August 11, 2008

the girl

so the person who has single handily made a huge impact on my life is a girl by the name of Chelsea. she is wonderful and caring and thing i am beautiful anyway i am. after about a month of hanging out i knew i wanted here to know everything about me, that being (that i like to be a girl). so one day i told her i had a secret and i wanted to tell her and i left it at that. after beating around the bush for about a week i asked her if she wanted to join me for some coffee at a little cafe in downtown Sacramento and she did. i had my computer there with all the pics of me as Candice so when i told her that i cant tell her my secret i just had to show her, i showed her a pic of me as Candice and the first thing she said was how hot she thought it was... right there i thought i was going to die form excitement i didn't even have words to describe how i filt. after that since i think i was waiting for so long to meet some one who understood all of me it was like a snow ball with how quick that side of me developed when i found someone to truly except me... and probably because this is who i really want to be. ever since then we go shopping and pic out outfits and shoes together and talk and have a great life as Chelsea and Candice and Chelsea and Cameron. more to come about this women and our relationship.

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Just Chelsea said...

i like that you chose the sex eyes picture. and i enjoy the title being "the girl" because i call you "the boy".... most of the time.. Lol. :) thanks for all the sweet words... i love it!!! you mean the world to me in a lot of ways... and i will always be there no matter what. promise. you can't get rid of me, even if you wanted to and tried... i would fight back forever. thanks honey.. you're the best.