Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The journey is only part of it

The transition is only part of the journey. I am transitioning not solely for the experience of transitioning but the view of the horizon of living my life in the truest version of myself. To wake up in the morning and look in the mirror with yesterday's make up still on and a tangled mess of hair on my head and still be happy.  To see the eyes of others seeing my true self no matter if they are judging eyes or accepting eyes they are seeing the genuine me and that will be amazing. 

Life has been crazy

I am in one of those weird time warps where I feel like I am being pulled in ten different directions with work family wife life and unable to feel balanced. This makes me feel like I can't concentrate on my transition but what I am trying to realize is my transition is a process which I may of just officially started but I have going through for the last 7 years and nothing will be able to keep me from being my true self. Yes things will always come up and maybe prolong things but the fact is I have a supportive wife and we will be through anything together.