Saturday, August 9, 2008

First posting meeeeeeeeee

So this might be a long one but here I go. I was raised in a very close family of five, my two sisters me and my mom and dad. We grew up in a very small apartment where i shared a room with my sisters. Me and my family have always been very open with each other which probably contributes to the person i am today. That's just a brief history of when i was young. With in this last 2 years i have finally started coming into my own and who i want to be... which some one used a phrase that made me laugh but i think it describes it the best... (the best of both worlds). 2 years ago i thought that i was never going to be excepted for who i am but i kept trying to make efforts to be who i want to be and then a couple months ago i realized that this world isn't for a complete loss but their are actually good people in this world who except me for who i am... so thank you guys i cant say that enough.

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Just Chelsea said...

awwww sweet sweet candice!!! watch out.. the blog bug will bite you, and you will become severely addicted.. and then you can't pick on me about it anymore... haha