Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A new wig

Chelsea and me just ordered a new wig and we are so excited to get it. With this wig we will be able to style it different ways. We can flat iron it or blow dry or curl it. Now u would think this is the best part about the wig but the other great thing is my girlfriends mom moon is paying for part of it for my birthday and my sister carrie also wanted to pay for part of it... Wow never in a million years did I think that would happen I am surrounded by so many people who support and care about me. Anyways here is a couple pics of the wig and remember I am getting it in a dark brown color.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

It had been three weeks

Just like the title says... It had been three weeks or so since the last time I went out. Wow such a long time to not be Candice, will anyways getting back to last night. It started out decently enjoying a glass of wine and watching some tv with my girlfriend before getting ready to go out. Now we try to get ready at slightly different times so we don't get in each others way because we can get a little catty if one of us is hogging the mirror. We were finally ready to go at a about nine o clock and ready to go to one of our favorite clubs faces. We park and start walking to the club a couple guys make some comments about how nice we look and we just smile and keep walking. Once in we grabbed a couple drinks and settled in we got hot walking around the club so we decided to go outside this is were it gets interesting. As we sit there we get approached by a pretty good looking guy who was about 23 he introduces himself and started talking so I pretty much think that he knows I am a guy so I am just talking and having a good time when he really starts asking me questions and flirting with me he asked me if I was gay and I said well it's a little more confusing then that (the fact that I am dressed like a woman and am in a relationship with Chelsea but I am a man lol) and then I asked him and he said that he wasn't gay that's when I was like ummm in my head I was like I am a guy lol. He kept hinting and sayin that me and him should hang out sometime and I just kept playing it off like I didn't hear what he said. This whole time Chelsea my girlfriend is kinda laughing under her breath. After that we walked and got something to eat and made it home at about midnight because I had to open the next morning.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I think I want this dress

I think it would look decent with a black cardigen

Polka Dot Party Dress

: A fun and fabulous polka dot strapless dress featuring a lightly flared skirt with a ruffled hem, a front pintucked waist, and a smocked upper back. Finished with a wide removable waist tie. Hidden side zipper closure, unlined.
- 26'' approx length from bust to hem

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So just some random thoughts

It's been a little to long since the last time I had a chance to be all dolled up. I beleive it's been close to three weeks or more. It's when it's been this long that u realize how much being trans is a part of your life. How important it is to
Out wordly express your feminine beauty and life style. Other then that I am pretty much always the same whether I am in a dress or jeans except I maybe a little more concerned on how I look as Candice. I am hoping to get a new wig soon which I hope will stouk the fire of going out. Also I will be going out as Candice in Minneapolis early august because me and chelsea will be there visiting her friends and family

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Friday, July 10, 2009

So i am just now blogging about Pride last month Sorry

Pride was amazing i knew that most of the day i was going to spend as Candice out in the day light enjoying the great weather. the weather was so nice that me and my girlfriend walked to the festival, i cant lie and say i wasn't nervous walking through a un tg friendly zone in day light because i was but once we got to the festival and Chelsea insured me that i looked fantastic i finally able to have a good time. we enjoyed garlic fries and chicken strips and some really good performances and of course the beer gardens, the only thing that kind of surprised me was the sacramento tg group that was there werent very friendly to me it was very dissappointing but the sacramento gems really made me feel good to be trans "you girls are amazing." i have to say that my favorite part of the day was exactly that spending the day as candice with my great girlfriend chelsea she always makes me feel so much like a women

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So I have been going to the gym and if u are trans then u know my issues

Being trans and going to the gym has to be one of the crazest mind games ever. You go to the gym trying to get healthy and being trans you tell yourself "I am going to concentrate on cardio and leaning my muscles so I am not so bulky" but as u work out u seem to just continue to gain size and start looking more masculine. It sucks because u just can't help it because of the amount of testosterone we have in our body as being biological males and not on female horomones. If u go through this you are not alone and if u have any pointers please let me know. I hate being dissappointed when I leave a gym just not because I am less healthy but because my shoulders are to big for my new dress

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