Saturday, January 2, 2016

Girls trip to Disneyland NYE

Finally a girls trip to Disneyland and it couldn't have been better, and to bring in the new year as my true self surrounded by acceptance and friendship was simply amazing. 

We go to Disneyland often being pass holders and having a large group of friends who all love Disney makes it pretty easy to schedule trips to the happiest place on earth. And with hoping that 2016 is my year to transition it was important for me to bring in the new year in the light of the person I hope to be full time. And I got to do that. 

Prior to our trip we started a group message mainly just for planning the trip like what we are going to wear what things we wanted to do and the normal logistics of any trip but my favorite part about it was the normal girly conversation that developed as the group convo evolved, it was no longer just about the trip but just four girls talking about what was on their mind, this was priceless. And I am sure the girls involved had no idea what it meant to me. 

The first day was a pretty normal day at Disneyland, busy  a couple rides some food (the best kind) and ending the day early to get ready for the day we went on the trip for New Year's Eve. 

We got to our hotel around 730pm and pretty instantly the conversation went to planning outfits for the next day and getting out of the clothes we road tripped in and into something more comfortable which for me was yoga pants and a tank top. We all showed off what we were going to wear or planned to wear and we all chimed in with our opinions and how we thought it could be better or if we should totally abandon the idea and take an emergency trip to go shopping at ten o'clock at night to get a new outfit (tori). This was fun and effortless and made going to bed easy even with knowing I will be up at 4am to start getting ready for a long day in the park. 

I woke up to my alarm at 4am which freaked Jessica out I think she thought there was a fire and she was going to have to rescue all of us after she calmed down and went back to sleep i got all my stuff together to start getting ready my new panties and black bra, flattering black skirt and nice black top with a cute cardi over the top with leggings and knee high boots. I then got into the shower and started getting ready. 

After I got out of the shower we each took turns in the mirror getting ready primping and powdering and putting the finishing touches on our outfits and so our girls day New Year's Eve celebration in Disneyland is finally starting. 

We finally reached the park after driving to the parking lot and taking the bus over to the park.  Being trans and having an id that isn't your preferred gender identity is always a little nerve racking when entering such a public place but as always Disneyland handled the situation perfect without making it an issue because my annual passport pic didn't look exactly how i looked as I entered the park. 

Now I could write pages and pages about all the fun we had in the park and also the not so fun things that happen in the park but honestly this wasn't even the best part about the trip, it was being with three other people who knew how to have fun in any situation and no matter what we were doing it was a fun time from shopping on Main Street to buying new mouse ears at the mad hatter and going on an adventure on Tom sawyers island crawling through tunnels and caves in our cute New Year's Eve outfits. 

But the truth is being in the happiest place on earth and being able to experience it In the way I have always wanted to was amazing in every way possible, and was the best way to start the new year.