Sunday, September 6, 2015

Being trans and Disneyland

I can tell you that I haven't had a better experience then the one I had at Disneyland. I was a little worried that something would happen and it might tarnish my opinion of Disneyland but yayyyyy it didn't. Never had any instance of a worker or patron drawing unneeded attention to me even when showing my id. So in conclusion no issues from instance to eating and drinking to enjoying a parade. My faith in Disney and even people has changed a little for the better. 

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SC Miller said...

I have been going to Disneyland dressed since 2003 and I have had only one poor experience and it was with the ticket taker into DCA (Disneyland proper has never been an issue) - the ticket taker was just being rude and used the name on my pass (masculine) vs not using my name at all. So it wasn't the end of the world but it was a little upsetting at the moment in time. However once I had a moment to get into the park and breathe everything was okay. Oh and this one incident happened back in 2004. I love Disney and their acceptance of everyone! If you check the shops there are a couple trans women who work them but I've only seen them twice and there was never a moment to "connect" as trans women.

BTW - love your blog and my wife and I are in a very similar situation as you and your family.
Keep up the great work