Thursday, January 10, 2013

The future of Disney maybe a transgendered princess?

As a young boy curious about my feminine side and wanting to explore being girly and feminine Disney princesses always reached me as that first impact of the feminine role, this is of course after the subconscious analysis of my two sisters and my mother of what being feminine means during my younger years. I know this might shock some in regards to looking at disney princesses in this way as a young boy/girl because of the on going struggle Disney has had with objectifying the feminine role and always stressing the damsel in distress stereotype but this is only a part of how the early Disney princesses came across to me. I always admired their beauty inside and out,the elegance of their personality and demeanor, their grace and I always loved that they were the center of the story line and the lengths the princes would go to be with them.

Although in many ways Disney in the past has stressed the gender norms for women as of late they have made many strides towards breaking some of those gender molds and blurring the lines of what women can achieve and do, examples of this would be in Tangled, Rupunzel although needing to be saved on many occasions played the role of the rescuer as will. Also in Brave Merida with a bow in her hand and not on her head and not happy with being given away to an Allied clan of her fathers decides to compete for her own hand. These are all great example of what Disney has done to spur the reputation of the strong and not so helpless princess.

This brings me to my next point, although Disney has only recently done a decent job at blurring the gender lines for "women" what have they done to blur the gender lines for "men" the answer is very little. As I sit here and write this i am struggling to think of times in which I seen the stereotypical male role blurred in a Disney movie.

This brings me to my final thoughts do I see a trans princess anytime in the future? Probably not being as though it took them until 2009 just to introduce an african american princess Tiana in the Princess and the Frog. Would I like to see a trans princess? Of course and I would love to see my future kids be able to see this as a reality. I think their is no better role model then the princess who gets to be her/his self and enjoy life feeling comfortable how ever they want to be viewed. Being trans in my opinion is being happy :-).

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