Saturday, January 19, 2013

A night out in my new city SF

I woke up this morning and knew I was going to have a day out dolled up and beautifully girly. Although I worked the opening shift it gave me a chance to buy a new sweater top and tank top to go with my jean skirt. I keep myself very will groomed and smooth so it didn't take me long to get ready other then my hair that didn't want to cooperate. Once I was ready, I hit the town and enjoyed every head I turned and alluring look I got i enjoyed a couple drinks from a guy who admired me and my look but truly didn't know how to treat a lady right lol. I am really liking how my hips or not as narrow as before they are much more even the in the past plus side to growing up I guess. Will anyways tell me what you think I love to read your comments. Xoxo :-)



John Marine said...

Candy-sweet style, Candice. :) You look very nice. Most important of all is in being confident in your dress and in your style. I'm glad you've felt both confident in your dress and in your overall style. Nice casual outfit.

Linda Marie Daniels said...

You look so cute, Candice. Glad to hear you had a fun day out.