Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So I have been going to the gym and if u are trans then u know my issues

Being trans and going to the gym has to be one of the crazest mind games ever. You go to the gym trying to get healthy and being trans you tell yourself "I am going to concentrate on cardio and leaning my muscles so I am not so bulky" but as u work out u seem to just continue to gain size and start looking more masculine. It sucks because u just can't help it because of the amount of testosterone we have in our body as being biological males and not on female horomones. If u go through this you are not alone and if u have any pointers please let me know. I hate being dissappointed when I leave a gym just not because I am less healthy but because my shoulders are to big for my new dress

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Sissy Richelle said...

Wow Candice, speak of the devil, I just got an email from an online femization "blog" called I don't know if you've heard of it, or already belong, but I gotten quite a few good tips from her. I don't have any affiliation with her, just wanted to pass on a tip I only got yesterday.

Anyway, She sent a video of exercises to help get a feminine body, here is the link.

One tip I know, is keep the weights light, and use lots of reps. Your looking to "tone" your muscles not build them.

I hope it helps you.


Melissa said...

I would recommend you forgo the weights on your upper body altogether, and just concentrate on aerobics. Ever notice how thin the upper bodies of runners are? Some very lightweight dumbbells can be used to keep your arms toned, but stay away from heavier weights.


Samantha said...

Something else you could do is start on low levels of HRT that will not cause change, but shift the balance away from normal male, to normal female biochem, it will keep your face from changing (you have a beautiful face) and keep you from bulking up. Some low levels of spiro to block the majority of T, and low levels of E to balance things out without causing major growth or development.

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