Thursday, June 18, 2009

I came out to my boss...

So me and my girlfriend went and had some drinks with my boss. After about three drinks and feeling a little buzzed our conversation started down the path of exceptance of alternate life styles. So I laid it on him, I showed him a pic of me as a girl and he said I was beautiful and that he was happy that I was able to be the person I feel I am and that I let him into that part of my life. It couldn't have gone any better than that. The night ended when he gave me a hug and said thank you

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NippleRing said...

I am glad it went well for you. How did it go the next time you spoke to him. Was he OK with it? And yes, you do look amazing as Candice!

Sabrina said...

Candice, I am so happy it went well for you!! It is great to be accepted for our wonderful spirits as they are!!

Anonymous said...

are you transgendered?(sorry to ask)
please, if you are, i could use some assistance.

thanks, barbra.

Blogger said...

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