Monday, September 1, 2014

Cute and sexy photo shoot

I don't normally post pictures like this but lately I have been inspired by women who don't let people dictate what they do.  Feeling sexy and wanting others to see you that way is never bad. Thank you to those women who have inspired me. 

I have been talking to Chelsea about doing a really fun photo shoot for my blog and that I wanted to pick out a cute but sexy lingerie outfit to shoot in. So after work a couple days ago I had a fun shopping day at Victoria's secret looking and picking out different outfits I thought might be a possibility. Most were too sexy and to common and that's when I found the one I knew I had to have this one 
As soon as I saw it I knew it was exactly the perfect piece for the photo shoot that I envisioned. 

Of course as soon as I got home I wanted to get all dolled up and take pictures but it wasn't possible since I at the time wouldn't have a day off for another 8 days but I did know that I would have time after work on Sunday, a couple days later. 

Flash forward to yesterday and everything went as smooth as possible getting ready.  I still was extremely nervous about how my photos were going to come out, which I know both cis and trans people have feelings about. I was feeling that way from the time I woke up on Sunday.

My wife and I had fun doing our make up and joking about random stuff and of course having some pretty tasty drinks at the time helped out with the silliness. 

Finally we started taking pictures and Chelsea helped me tremendously with my poses which as we all know can make or break a picture. And I can't lie I was trying to channel my inner bailey jay and I think it worked. 

Here are a couple of the pictures I hope you enjoy them 

The end of the night, after the photo shoot was filled with more drinks some awesome Chinese food and some fun movie time. I couldn't have ask for a betters girls night.