Saturday, August 16, 2014

Against me! Day out filled with punk music and rebelling against social gender norms

It's kinda hard to start this blog because the day was so amazing but here I go. The day started out with waking up and the first thought popping into my mind was the fact that I will have the chance to meet one of my wife's and mine favorite musicians and icons laura Jane grace. I hopped into the shower as my wife started getting ready and at this point I still didn't know exactly what I was going to wear when I got out all I knew was I want to wear a skirt and fishnets with my boots but didn't know what top after trying a ton on I finally just cut up my converge shirt to make it more cute which my wife helped me with. We finally got done getting ready and making a huge mess in the process and left for the day. Me and Chelsea were super hungry so we grabbed sushi before the signing with against me we spent the whole time talking about what we will say to our favorite band so we would have are thoughts straight which didn't really work outta as u will see later. Skipping forward about an hour of hanging at the record store we finally lined up to meet against me. When Laura walked up and against me I almost didn't know how to contain myself I wanted to tell Laura about her impact on my life and what she meant to me and  all I could say was can I have a hug and that she was my idol. I have never been do star struck in my life but I am truly a huge fan and couldn't believe I was finally meeting Laura. After the signing my wife me and our friend Amanda all went to have drinks at a local bar called burgers and brew before we headed into the show. At this point me and Chelsea had already posted pics on twitter with Laura which she favorited and also added my wife who she recognized talking to in the past on line.  We finally went Into the show and got out spots. We heard the opening acts put on a great show so we were excited to see them and let me tell you both bands all the pretty horses and creepoid delivered on a huge scale setting up the night for against me. Finally it was time for against me and the set was perfect from beginning to end playing pretty much every song I could have asked for except for maybe paralytic states and Spanish moss. The high light of the show was seeing the evolution of Laura's stage presence from 2 years ago on her first tour after coming out and now she melted my face and my heart with her stage presence and her recognizing us at the end of the show was awesome. Lucky enough for us we have tickets to see them this coming Wednesday in Fresno. To Laura if you read this thank you and I am looking forward to seeing you in Fresno and many more shows in the future you truly are a huge inspiration to me. And of course here are some pics from the night 


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Sounds like it was an amazing day!

Great post and great pictures, too!

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