Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last night at the Jillette Johnson show

Me and my wife had a great time at the show we enjoyed a couple of drinks and watched an awesome show and Jillette Johnson even dedicated her song Cameron to me last night, although it wasn't written for me I didn't know that someone could write something that could hit so close to home. If you haven't check her out you are missing out. Take the time to check out her songs out on YouTube.


John Marine said...

Both of you look very nice. I am pretty certain you two had a great time. Wonderful hair and lipstick on you, Candice.

Faye said...

It is such a beautiful song. I think it reaches out to all of us girls but I guess especially for you. Hope you had a fab time. :-) xXx

rochelle lauren said...

I have to hang out with you and.ur friend candice