Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wanted to reach out

I would love for more people who share the same likes and lifestyle as i do to reach out and make contact with me through my blog.  I always welcome more friendly people in my life.


John B. Marine said...

Candice, I hope you're able to come across many more wonderful people. I started to Follow "Candice if you want to know." once I started seeing your lovely outfits and posts. I think all of us in blogging should be able to meet fellow bloggers as well as loyal readers. You are someone with a wonderful heart. Hope everything is going well with you. Take care and have a great day or night.

Lynn Jones said...

Facebook seems to be a good way to meet more trans people. I guess it helps if you know a few first though ;-)

As to blog friends, I do follow your blog and if it's any help, posting on other people's blogs will help draw them back to your own site.


Drok said...

Yeah, I love your blog, as it kind of helped me break the ice to my wife so-to-speak. I would be cool to chat with you sometime but putting my email up here aint going to happen. Things have come a long way for me in the past couple months though, my wife and i have even been going to Sephora and Ulta and buying make-up together. Thanks for blogging.

Nadine said...

Candice, I am interested in the same thing that you are. I have been writing a blog for the past two years or so, and I think that during that time I have had 2 comments, but apparently quite a few visitors. It has been interesting writing in a void. I think this is a result of the community we are within. Many of us hide and are afraid of being discovered. I myself suffer from this. I have posted many pictures at my site, , but I choose to not show my face. This is a conscious choice for me that is a result of being afraid of the consequences of being found out. I am impressed with your candor in facing things I am completely afraid of. Good for you. I know it’s been a couple of months since you have posted here, but I hope you are still checking in here.

Emillie Vanya said...

Cool I just started a blog and I feel the same way you do Hit me up and check me out, maybe you can give me some advice or feedback

Rachel said...

Cool blog and love your outfits.