Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More from Halloween 2011

this halloween was a blast although the only thing is i didnt get to see my babe most of the night because she was throwing a big halloween party here in sacramento that i attended.  i had fun getting ready got my eye brows waxed and did my nails and shaved, gosh i love the feeling of being completly smooth and sliding on a pretty little outfit over my soft body.  as you can see in my pics i chose to be little red riding hood  it was a very flattering costume and with tape in all the right places i even had some pretty good cleavage going that night (check out the pics :-)). of course like every halloween there is a lot of guys hitting on me and one  pretty presistant and just to get him away i had to tell him i am a guy and that he may be barking up the wrong tree lol.  i love the attention as a girl when people look and see  and think about how hot you are both guys and girls even if they know i am a guy but they still cant beleive it.  so anyways it was a great night and here are some more pics form the event my wife is the one dressed in the white shirt and slacks she was jo calderone (lady gagas male alter ego)


Chelsea said...

you looked so beautiful baby! i seriously can't explain how beautiful you looked!!! what a great night!

alissa nicole said...

i take it the girl in the wait shirt is soppse to be lady gag from you and i