Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i cant wait halloween is coming soon

i dont know what i should be this year so many options out there.  i have been snow white, alice form alice in wonderland, and a french maid the question is what will i be this year.  i am thinking possibly a sexy girl scout, maybe a school girl, little red riding hood.  will you guys let me know what you think i want to know your feedback of what you think i should be.  put in your own ideas as well i would love to hear them


John B. Marine said...

I guess of the three you've mentioned, my pick would be the schoolgirl. The schoolgirl look is like the perfect combination of innocence and naughty. I'm not sure if you're planning the naughty schoolgirl or anything, but I'd go with the schoolgirl (unless you have a better idea here). You're Candice, so I'm sure you'll find a candy-sweet costume or look to go with for Halloween.


candice said...

thank you john i like the school girl to and deffiantly a naughty one me and my wife love to go all out for halloween thank you for the feed back. i have to have an outfit that shows off one of my best features (my legs)

Anonymous said...

i say go as the bride and have her be the groom. that turn some heads