Monday, September 7, 2009

New Wig and Old and New Friends

Last week my girlfriend and I noticed a couple sitting a couple feet away from us, what we noticed was this couple was much like us being that they both liked to wear dresses... this weekend i was not dressed up but still felt the need to go and talk to them because lets face it there isnt that many of us out there. we invited Necole and Vicki out this last weekend to dragalicious (a local drag show in sacramento) along with our friend jessica. we ended up not really watching the show just all talking and it was really nice listening to stories that we both related to and our significant others related to as well. after we all had more then a couple drinks we all started to relax and really enjoyed the nice environment and each others company. o ya we had to save our friend from a guy that wanted to get in her pants and was a little to presistant "he was really having trouble understanding we didnt want him around. So thank you Vicki, Necole, Andrea, Jessica, andy and chelsea for a great night out.

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Chelsea said...

Sunday was SOOOOO Much fun! i had a blast... and you looked beautiul! :) it was amazing hanging out with such a great group of people!