Monday, August 17, 2009

Dragalicious and hot rods

Last night Chelsea and I decided it would be alot of fun to go out and watch the local drag show which spurred the two hour process of getting ready for a night out on the town, lucky the getting ready process was made a little easier because I just got brand new razors to shave with (it may be random to tell u that but I am sure u understand what a new razor feels like compared to an old one). We made it to the show early enough to have a few cocktails before it started just to get primed for the festivities ahead. I have never considered myself a drag queen or a crossdresser or any of the
many other terms out there to describe people that don't care to abide by the restraints of the gender norms but last night all I could think was how great the queens looked and performed and how fun it would be to do a show maybe even if it was only one time. This is the first time I had thought that mainly because i have always thought that drag queens had these huge personas that filt more like a mockery of women instead of creating a positive image of women which i filt I could never do. Anyways I do feel that if I could get the confidence up to do a show it would really improve my persona as a women.

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yoshi said...

Wow you are beautiful. Glad to see you are enjoying yourself and that you have a friend that helps you with it all.

Melissa said...


I love your new pic! You are just adorable! You look far better than any drag queen I've ever seen, because you look just like a regular girl. Drag queens tend to look like caricatures of women. That's OK for on stage, but it would never fly out on the street. You could pass anywhere! Glad to see you are out having fun.


Chelsea said...

i think you are gorgeous... and i think it would be superfun and positive for you to perform if you wanted to... :) i love you baby, you are my everything.

Jasmine said...

Asia SF in San Francisco has some incredible gender illusionists and good food. For a special treat, as they can be pricey, you should check out their shows.

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