Monday, January 19, 2009

i am not sure if i should call it coming out anymore

So i have come to an amazing realization, that i am not sure if i am still coming out to people or if i am just being myself and people i know just happen to see me. in this last month i have "come out" to Andy my girlfriends brother my friend Jason who i have known for years and my friend anneka who i have known since i was in junior high. i am fortunate that most people have been amazingly except able of me. but i guess i am not coming out just being myself.

o wait i have to tell you about a really funny incident that happen to me a couple weeks ago. Me and a couple of my friends frequent the same straight club almost every week and i have always noticed that one of the security guards was a fellow baseball player from high school. he had never noticed me because i look so different lol. in my thoughts i always figured that if he did notice it would be really hard for him to except, well back to the story. we walk up and i am wearing a brand new beautiful silk dress and feeling super pretty thats when i notice that the usuall guard that checks IDS at the door wasnt there and it was Richard my ex fellow baseball team mate. as i get closer to him my heart races faster and faster as i reach for my id that says the name of a guy he use to hang with in high school. i finally reach him and he say hi and ask how i was doing i said fine... he still didnt know he knew me and thats when he asked for my id i gave it to him he looked at it then looked at me and looked at it again and then he said.......... dude how have you been i said good and he smiled and put on my wrist band. i think thats when i realized that being me is amazing.

P.S. here are some new pics

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Danyelle said...

That's such a funny story!! Were you nervous? I'm really glad that everyone has been so accepting!!