Thursday, November 20, 2008

Recent and Random Thoughts and Pics

So this last couple of weeks have been pretty amazing. it seems every week i am that much closer to finding out how i truly can be comfortable in my own skin. Every day makes it easier to be me and be proud to be me. Every day its easier to tell people about Candice and show them the true me.

I ran into a friend i had in school we were never really that close but when we reconnected it was nice because i wanted her to know about me. when i told her she loved it.

This last weekend i spent everyday as a women and that was amazing i have to admit i only hope i can spend more days then that in the near future.

Last week i bought the cutest black dress from H&M i don't think i could have found a better one to fit my body. you can see them in the pictures above. i have never got so many compliments on how i was dressed and how great i looked... finally i feel beautiful...


NippleRing said...

When you look that beautiful, it is hard not to be accepted as as woman.

Samantha said...

Hi Candice!

So I'm working backwards from the begining, reading all your blog entries. Why? Because Chelsea stopped by my blog and left an awesome post. I've already read her blog, so I thought I'd get to know a little bit about her lady love. You.

You. Are. Beautiful! And I love this new dress on you. Congratulations on giving yourself permission to live free and love your life. I wish I'd done that when I was your age! Welcome to the world!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl!!! I love your blog and photos. Kisses.
from Brazil